Chair Meaning



The Honor Chair: Roll Call is one of the few places your shift mates sit together before going on their tours. During Roll Call, not only are the activities and assignments read, but it gives a place for some healthy banter, kudos for previous actions, and a reminder that you are not alone once you do hit the streets. When an Officer makes the ultimate sacrifice, his/her presence is missed. The Honor Chair is placed in the roll call room as a reminder that even though they are not there physically, the Officer will always be with you as you head out to the battles, carrying on the watch… 

In Our Brother’s/Sister’s Honor: 

An Honor Chair is now in your place. Your place among your brothers and sisters has been saved. As we go out to face the battles, we know that your shadow will be side-by-side with the shadows of your brothers and sisters, for you will be there, watching over them as they carry on the watch.